Wuhan Donghu Big Data launches "East Lake Big Data Resumption Intelligent Management System", Babbitt provides blockchain technology support

Recently, Wuhan Donghu Big Data launched the "East Lake Big Data Resumption Intelligent Management System", an enterprise resumption and resumption epidemic prevention and control management system (SAAS service) based on the technical characteristics of the blockchain, to solve the problems encountered by enterprises today. The system includes four functional modules: filing and reporting of resumption of work, monitoring and management of reworked employees, real-time acquisition of epidemic data, and data security mechanism protection. Babbitt is the industry's leading provider of blockchain technology. The BaaS platform provides technical support for the data security mechanism assurance module. The blockchain technology is used to ensure that data cannot be tampered with and data security and privacy. It can ensure that various types of data can be stored under the premise of "trusted identity authentication".