Yuanjie DNA has received strategic investment from more than 10 members of Nova Club's top investment institutions to jointly build the world's top public chain ecosystem

According to the first disclosure of Yuanjie DNA, in the past period of time, Yuanjie DNA has again obtained strategic investment from Nova Club Investment Alliance. The institutional members participating in the strategic investment this time are: Consensus Lab, Chain Capital, QRC Group, Benrui Capital, Science and Technology Capital, Quest Capital, BitAsset Ecofund, Accord Capital, Golden Capital Capital, and Skychain Capital. The agency will provide in-depth support in many aspects, including community, technology, and market.

Yuanjie DNA is a public chain project led by the Yuanjie team and jointly developed by the Polkadot wallet development team and the BTS technical team. Metachain DNA Dual Chain Network Architecture is a parallel, anchored DNA token fast chain developed on the ETP security basic chain. It uses a hybrid consensus algorithm and Lightning Network technology to simultaneously identify digital identity and sensitive data. Protect it and further build a fully functional blockchain infrastructure.