Zhao Changpeng: Binance's temporary maintenance is due to problems with the push of market data, and the forecast is expected to resume soon

Binance announced at 19:30 tonight that it will perform temporary maintenance, during which time deposits, withdrawals, spot and leveraged transactions, C2C transactions, Binance Bao purchases and redemptions, fund transfers, contract transactions will not be affected. Opening hours will be announced separately. In response to this, Binance founder Zhao Changpeng tweeted that unplanned system maintenance had temporarily occurred and transactions were suspended, and efforts were being made to complete the maintenance. And further explained that there was a problem with one of the market data pushers, the matching engine was running normally, no data was lost or damaged (except for market data), and it should be repairable soon. Futures markets using independent matching engines are still working well, but there is no transfer of funds between products. P2P and most other trading services have been suspended.