Huobi Qiye: HT will achieve absolute deflation

On February 19, Qiye, CEO of Huobi Global, stated in a live broadcast that the method of destroying non-tradable disks will help improve the market's psychological expectation that circulation disks will no longer increase. It is an improvement of the token model. Huobi Will not overlook any opportunity for improvement. Regarding the destruction of HT non-tradable disks, Huobi has formed a specific plan for destruction, and HT will achieve absolute deflation. Qiye believes that the endogenous value of platform coins comes from the platform's profitability and real gold and silver investment. The consideration of non-tradable disks is of course important, but a more fundamental approach should be to improve the fundamentals of the platform and increase the deflationary force on the circulation disks. HT's destruction cycle will be adjusted from quarterly to monthly from January 2020, which can further increase the deflationary force on the circulation disk. The total transaction volume of Huobi in January increased by 65% ​​month-on-month compared to December 2019; Huobi destroyed 4.05 million HT in January, which is 51% higher than the average monthly destruction level in the previous quarter. If the average monthly deflation rate is stable here At a level, the deflation rate of HT's actual circulation disk will exceed 15% during the year.