In response to the statement that Binance stolen 20,000 Bitcoin and 1.7 million Ethereum, Binance responded to false news

Today's WeChat released from the media "The protagonist is not an assassin" entitled "Just now, Binance was stolen 20,000 Bitcoin and 1.7 million Ethereum!" "" Article, showing screenshots of online chat from unknown sources, including "Binance lost 20,000 Bitcoin, 1.7 million Ethereum" and other content. He Yi, the co-founder of Binance, responded in the community that small maintenance and contracts are still trading normally. Those who are worried about being stolen and worried about running away can put their hearts back on their chests. Binance Exchange encountered unplanned system maintenance and trading was suspended. There was a problem with one of the data pusher modules of the exchange, and the transaction matching engine worked well. Apart from the market data, there was no data loss or damage. It is currently being repaired and the funds are safe.