Luno African Affairs General Manager: Daily Bitcoin Trading Volume in South Africa Reaches $ 90 Million

South Africa is one of the major countries adopting cryptocurrencies in the market. Maius Reitz, general manager of African affairs at crypto exchange Luno, issued a statement on the crypto business in Africa, saying that cryptocurrencies are so popular in South Africa for several reasons. It is worth mentioning that South Africa is second only to Nigeria in terms of Google's highest search volume for Bitcoin. This indicates that people from the region want to learn more about Bitcoin or can indicate people's interest in cryptocurrencies. Reitz also said that Africans buy cryptocurrency on Luno every day. Over the past two years, Luno's wallet has grown tremendously. This means that more and more people have access to cryptocurrencies, and penetration among citizens has increased. Recently, the price of BTC has dropped, but in South Africa, there is still an average of $ 90 million worth of Bitcoin transactions per day.