The first vote of the year! Metaverse DNA is jointly blessed by dozens of institutions in the Nova Club Investment Agency Alliance

According to news from the official Yuanyuan and blockchain media, the Yuanjie Foundation announced that Yuanjie DNA has recently obtained a strategic investment from Nova Club, a global well-known blockchain investment institution, and the dozens of investment institution members including consensus Labs, Chain Capital, QRC Group, Benrui Capital, Keyin Capital, Quest Capital, BitAsset Ecofund, Accord Capital, Golden Capital, Skychain Capital, etc. are all members of Nova Club's core investment institutions. Although the official amount of investment has not been announced, judging from the lineup of investment institutions and the recent performance of the Metaverse DNA, the investment of Nova Club is undoubtedly one of the largest joint investment events in the 2020 currency circle.

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Nova Club is a global mainstream investment institution ecological community, an investment ecological alliance composed of a group of excellent blockchain industry institutions. Yuanjie DNA was announced by the Nova Club joint investment. Nova official, founder of Uniform Capital Tang Jirong, founder of Chain Capital Li Xiangmin, founder of Bisheng Capital Shao Jianliang, director of China Bank of Investment Bank Liu Genghua and dozens of capital institutions The circle released Nova's official information and jointly blessed the Metaverse DNA platform.

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As the dark horse of the public chain in 2020, Yuanjie DNA has been continuously developing its global layout from the second half of 2019. This month, Yuanjie DNA launched three trading platforms, ZB, BiKi, and Fubit, and launched a large-scale airdrop event in conjunction with ZB, setting a record market price for ten consecutive days. Under the epidemic, team members such as Early Summer Tiger, founder of Yuanjie DNA, and co-founder Huang Lianjin, successively hosted a number of online live broadcasts of the community, and domestic and foreign media and community discussions about Yuanjie DNA remained high. This strong investment by Nova Club will also further bless the Metaverse DNA, and jointly build and lead the public domain ecology of the whole field.

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Early summer tiger founder of Yuanjie DNA, in an interview with media such as Mars, Gold, Chain, and WorldChain Finance, recently mentioned that Yuanjie DNA will be comprehensively deployed in technology, community, market, landing, etc. in 2020 to implement " "Speak while doing" strategy. First, the introduction of world-class technology development teams such as Boca and BitShares, the use of technology achievements of internationally outstanding projects such as Cosmos and Polkadot, and the combination of the Metaverse double-chain to create the five pillars of Metaverse DNA The second is to create a learning and exchange-type blockchain community with Metaverse characteristics, to jointly learn and preach Metaverse blockchain technology knowledge, strengthen the value investment awareness, and expand global consensus; the third is to further promote Europe, the United States, Asia, Africa and other global The regional market promotion process has laid a good foundation for Yuanjie's global layout. The fourth is to continue the implementation of Yuanjie's technology. At present, Yuanjie has launched a number of applications based on Yuanjie's DNA and digital identities (Bidden authentication system, DNA movie ticket exchange function, DNA global POS device), will continue to launch related landing products based on the five pillars of the Yuanjie technology.

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Early Summer Tiger, Founder of Metaverse DNA, Chairman of Metaverse Foundation, Lifetime Member of Bitcoin, Translated "Blockchain: Blueprint and Guide for New Economy"

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