China Logistics and Purchasing Federation's Emergency Logistics Professional Committee published a paper discussing the application of blockchain in emergency logistics for emergency prevention and control

On February 20th, the Emergency Logistics Professional Committee of the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing published a paper "Research on the Construction of Emergency Logistics Based on Blockchain-From the Perspective of" New Crown Pneumonia "Epidemic Prevention and Control Material Guarantee". The article points out that the integrated application of blockchain technology plays an important role in new technological innovations and industrial changes. The field of logistics and supply chain is the key application direction of blockchain technology, and it is ushering in new development opportunities. In the process of advancing the construction of emergency logistics, we should accelerate the development of blockchain technology and its innovative application in the field of emergency logistics, improve the intelligent level of emergency logistics construction, promote the realization of scientific, credible and effective guarantees, and enable limited resources. Get efficient distribution.