EOS retail: BM is like a dream young man

Author: Breeze

Source: Beep News

BM's "chaos" caused the price of EOS in the callback to collapse again.

Prior to that, EOS trend was positive.

On the one hand, boosted by the halving market, EOS is leading the way, and investors' confidence in EOS has rebounded. On the other hand, TRON acquired Steemit, Voice launched a public beta version, and EOS returned to the spotlight.

However, "little accidents" still happened.

On February 15, EOS prices fell by more than 11%, and the overall market value of cryptocurrencies evaporated by 100 billion yuan.

In order to better understand these situations, Beep News interviewed some EOS retail investors and heard some interesting investment experiences and opinions, which are recorded below. I hope to present the current status of retail investors' investment in the EOS ecosystem.

01 Trend Trader V:

EOS will run as soon as it reaches the resistance level, it has fallen much and can be bought back

Occupation: Consulting on China-EU industrial policy

Number of coins held: unknown

First ask the most vulgar question, do you still own EOS?


Would like to ask what you think about this project.

Inflation models, MLM projects, will run at the resistance level. They have fallen a lot and can be bought back.

Why is it MLM?

Because he is not a PoW coin like BTC, a PoS or DPoS coin requires large-scale deployment and application, as well as a large number of people based, that is, receiving and locking positions.

EOS and RAM are contradictory. Large-scale use requires a large amount of RAM. This has led many people to cover RAM and only pay high prices.

Do you know Voice, would you use it?

Voice remains to be seen.

Similar to the data on the BSV chain, which is mainly based on weather forecasts, EOS has made some web pages in the past few years after collecting so much money, and has also implemented the chat function. Ma Huateng made OICQ 20 years ago.

Does anyone use Voice? I do n’t know if you can get rewards if you post and share. This will only cause a lot of spam.

I don't know what do you think of BM?

It is a genius. On the positive side, EOS has a strong sense of exploration, and it has a reference significance for the evolution of decentralized governance models, publicity, and community management.

02 Good Youth:

There are thousands of EOS in hand, ready to change BTC

Occupation: Miner

Number of coins held : more than 1,000 EOS

I don't know how do you see the EOS project?

The garbage project is to cut Chinese leeks. How many people abroad play EOS? Are domestic users playing.

Take the liberty to ask, have you been circumcised?

It has been cut, and the players who have played the currency have not experienced the time when they are not cut, but only cut more and cut less.

Why is EOS so bad for you?

It doesn't talk about decentralization at all. It is a special centralized coin. This coin is used to flicker new leeks and old leeks.

A few days ago, I saw that BM posted that article. It was really mad. Domestic users recruited him to mess with him. We are in a state of calamity. He published this article and it hurt us a lot, especially people who believe in EOS. , More harm.

There is no faith in the currency circle. Where does it come from? Faith and economy are linked. I still have thousands of EOS in my hand, and I am ready to exchange BTC. I will pay homage to this junk coin in the future.

Indeed, the belief of the currency circle is linked to money, just like the traditional financial circle.

That's it. He was in the big bull market in 17 years, when the 1C0 was crazy, the money of domestic users in the currency circle was still given to the platform in China. In fact, this project does not blame BM, but we blame only ourselves and deceive ourselves.

EOS claims to be a public chain beyond ETH. You said that in the past few years, what applications have been on its chain?

I played coins relatively early, and started mining BTC for 13 years.

What kind of faith is this circle talking about? In fact, this circle is particularly small. Many people know the name of faith, but sometimes they lie to themselves.

03 Ryder:

I have hundreds of EOS on Fcoin

Occupation: Partner

Number of coins held : more than 400 EOS

First ask what you think of the EOS project.

We have previously studied the DAPP of each public chain and found that many organizations are doing ecological layout around EOS, and the performance of EOS is outstanding.

The project party will definitely have a great impact on the progress of the project. If the project party does not spend energy to promote the progress of the project, it will definitely affect the confidence of the ecological participants, and will even affect the confidence of the speculators.

What do you think of BM?

I know relatively little, and it feels very self-centered to me.

Regarding this incident, I have two points of view: 1. From the perspective of speech, I think that everyone has their own perspective to analyze the problem. 2. In terms of currency speculation, I am particularly convinced by Wykov's trading theory. Regarding this matter, I feel that there is a bookmaker leading public opinion.

What do you think of Voice? Will it be used?

Not particularly concerned about this product.

The challenges of making social products are very big. If you cannot find and precipitate high-quality communication objects, you cannot precipitate high-quality content, and you cannot serve as a secondary consumer platform for content. Social platforms cannot be very successful. There are so many social products in China, and very few successes.

The market may still look at the price of the currency, and some retail investors have very strong opinions on EOS.

I have hundreds of EOS on Fcoin, and now they are also Fcoin rights users.

Is there a big difference between the price of EOS and BTC? Individuals are always thinking about where the short-term currency price will go, and of course they will not be satisfied. The dealer and most chives have a zero-sum game relationship. It is easy to understand that chives are not satisfied. To be in step with the dealer, that is the god of speculation.

04 Gao Tianci:

Buying EOS is not as good as playing Bitcoin and contracts

Occupation: Research Algorithmic Trading

Number of coins held: no EOS

What do you think of the EOS project?

Not optimistic, the heat has passed, it is better to play Bitcoin than to play contracts.

Isn't the Voice they just came out of? Both TRON and EOS are socializing now.

Voice I read the telegram group, the popularity is not enough, too new, too early, only the project party knows whether it will rise, and retail investors are afraid to go in.

The team has a great influence on the project. I don't know what do you think of Block.one or BM?

They are all EOS series. The routine is the same. Pull the disk and then fall into shit. EOS maintains this. It is already considered good.

If Voice becomes hot, we are still willing to participate lightly.

The price of the coin was just the bull market, and it brought it up. The key is the ups and downs of Bitcoin, other currencies just follow the flow.

As Zhang Jian said, "The selfless initial intention will bring disastrous consequences; the greed of human nature is the driving force for the advancement of society."

05 L:

BM is like a dreaming young man

Occupation: Student

Number of coins held : more than 1,000 EOS

Don't know what you think of EOS?

I ’m a little leek, and I still have EOS. This project seems to be making spinach. In fact, among so many coins, I ’m more familiar with EOS.

May I ask how much EOS you have?

More than 1,000, out of stock the day before yesterday.

Out of stock is so calm.

Hey, isn't it the game of life to go to the gambling table? It depends on whether I stand with the banker. This is my temporary understanding of the contract. To tell you the truth, I am talking about a leek here and I feel a little funny.

EOS is the first coin I bought, so it is relatively familiar. When I entered the circle, it happened to be the time when EOS was released, and I invested thousands of dollars. At that time, it went up one by one. After all, you should be cautious when entering the market.

After more than a year, I am a student (currently a student). I have nothing to do, and I want to do something with a little spare money.

I have entered the market about two times in recent years. I tried other currencies. The mainstream of the cottage is a bit contacted. BTS, TRUE, INK, OMG, BAT, IOTA, HT, etc., but they have not played for long Profit and loss is in a state of no loss.

In the first two months of this year, I entered again. I bought EOS tentatively. I was lucky. It was a section-wise bottom, around 16.5. Recently, I feel that the market is gradually improving, because many coins have been halved and production reduced this year. This is the key information for my admission this year.

At 19 yuan, I bought another batch, then rose to 28, and bought another batch. One after another, I felt a little chasing after another. I didn't expect to be able to rely on such a small amount of wealth and freedom, I just wanted to fight guerrilla warfare.

Then I followed a person on Weibo, leader Wang, you know, I watched him open a contract, and used the principal of 1000 EOS two days ago. At the recent high point, I earned 12,000 EOS. Then I was sore and opened a contract. I hit the market two days ago and ran out of money.

This wave probably invested less than 3,000 EOS, and a lot was sold out, and now there are more than 1,000.

I mainly stick to the strategy of low-sucking and high-selling. With these coins, EOS earns some money.
BM, what do you think?
Judging from his several projects, it is undeniable that this person is capable. No matter what his original intention is, at least the several projects he completed have been successful in stages.
But as far as some of his remarks are concerned, I personally feel that it is a bit like the kind of dreaming middle school youth.
Some things he does have his own thinking. I feel that he has what he wants to pursue, but sometimes he feels too idealistic, and he is not too young.



Isn't it fragrant?

Occupation: Moving bricks on construction site
Number of coins held: no EOS
Do you hold EOS?
I changed BTC to EOS last year. I used to place a heavy position on EOS and now I have a full position on BTC.
Can you ask why?
It may be because you know more about BTC. I'm not saying that EOS can't work, but I only hold BTC now, and I don't pay attention to EOS now. I'm hoarding BTC right now and focusing on the rest of my life. Isn't it fragrant?
When you focused on EOS, how did you feel about EOS, such as DAPP, user experience, governance mechanism?
When I first entered the currency circle, there was no concept. When I spent money on class, everyone bought EOS and I followed. DAPP has not experienced it. I just want to hoard bitcoin in silence and live a good life.
A thousand retail investors have a thousand investment methods and living attitudes. Although they are not the same, the point they are paying attention to-speculative coins, cannot be regarded as a blockchain application in the strict sense, but it may be the corner of this ecology Can reflect some of the current status of the industry, let us think.
Note: Some of the above interviewees are pseudonyms. In addition, the above opinions are not intended as investment advice. Beep News reminds you to pay attention to preventing and controlling investment risks.