Florida judge rejects United American Corp suit against Bitmain et al. But also shows that antitrust law may work

According to Lexblog news, on January 28, a United States Corp. lawsuit against United States Corp. against the United States Corp. ’s antitrust lawsuit was dismissed in a lawsuit against United States Corp. against Bitmain, Bitcoin.com, and Kraken. The court supported the defendant's claim that the plaintiff did not provide enough facts to support any content of the antitrust claim. However, the court stated that it did not agree with the legal failure of the complaint, and the court appeared to believe that if the allegations were properly defended, the plaintiffs could at least be based on the Sherman Act (the first antitrust law in the US Congress) Make a reasonable request. First, the court stated that the plaintiff never charged that any one of the 11 defendants had communicated about the plan; second, the plaintiff claimed that the defendant's behavior itself violated the Sherman Act, but did not specify what the specific behavior was; The court held that it did not believe that voting together in favour of one escalation against another was itself a violation of the Sherman Act, but also stated that no final agreement had been reached. If the case is to be heard in the future, as far as anti-competitive law is concerned, it must be determined that a single cryptocurrency network is more similar to a market or a company. If it is similar to the market, collective voting may violate the law.