Data show: bZx protocol arbitrage funds changed, 2,371 ETH were transferred

According to the monitoring of the blockchain security company PeckShield, this morning 11:43 to 12:15, the bZx hacker account 0xb8c6ad changed the address. The hacker first transferred 1 ETH to the new address 0x6b5a and then transferred 2,370. There are only 18 ETH left in the original address. Analysis by PeckShield security personnel found that hackers starting with the address 0xb8c6ad attacked bZx twice on February 18 and made 2,378 ETH. This transfer has the possibility of hackers laundering money by transferring funds. The specific reasons remain to be further observed. PeckShield is locking in monitoring the further movement of target funds, and reminds customers to be cautious in investing to avoid the loss of digital assets. At the same time, it calls on major exchanges to mark their addresses and assist in freezing frozen incoming money in a timely manner.