Viewpoint: Security, law and order are the triple risks of blockchain applied to government governance

On February 20, the China Social Science News published a review article entitled "Security, Law, and Order: The Triple Risks of Blockchain Applied to Government Governance." The article points out that in many application scenarios of the blockchain, combining this technology with government governance to create a smart government supported by the blockchain is a hot research area of ​​public management. However, excessive dependence on open blockchain technology in government governance can easily widen the "technical gap" between government departments and society. In terms of the current status of the development of blockchain technology and the understanding of government personnel on the technology, the introduction of blockchain technology in the field of government governance makes it easy to ignore the potential risks in performance. While blockchain technology promotes government governance change, it also brings certain risks and challenges to government departments. Specifically, it mainly includes three aspects: security, law, and order. The article states that to solve the above problems, government managers and blockchain practitioners must first clarify the nature of blockchain. On this basis, around the shortcomings of the application of blockchain technology in government departments, a comprehensive compensation and supervision mechanism is constructed to minimize its negative effects. Secondly, the government should also look at the blockchain technology scientifically and rationally, and must recognize that the application of the blockchain technology in government departments will face security, legal and order risks. Finally, we must find out the best application scenarios of blockchain in government governance, and explore the most beneficial application methods for government governance.