Slow Mist Cosine: Absolute security of the private key is the most basic requirement for a powerful hardware wallet

Yu Xian, co-founder of the security company Slow Fog Technology, issued a post today to discuss the issue of hardware wallets. He said that in his eyes a secure and powerful hardware wallet includes the following points:

1. It is better to support enough mainstream currencies;

2. The relevant hardware modules used at the hardware level are the top international standards and the production and delivery supply chain is also top;

3. The coupling and safety design of firmware and hardware modules are absolutely top-notch;

4. The hardware uses Bluetooth, USB and other external communication modules are the latest security standard technology;

5. It is best to have a screen for the hardware wallet, so that the user can confirm the correctness of the target address with naked eyes when transferring money;

6. The environment of the connected computer or mobile phone used for supporting the hardware wallet is pure and single;

7. The hardware wallet should support multi-signature security management;

8. The design of mnemonic record and storage and even co-management should preferably be introduced into SSSS practice;

9. The physical security of the hardware wallet cannot be ignored;

10. The security mechanism for upgrading firmware and supporting software cannot be ignored;

11. The hardware wallet security team has sufficient strength to analyze the deficiencies of its peers, and the disclosure has obtained extensive technical reputation in the industry;

12. The private key is generated, stored, and used. The almost absolute security of the private key is the most basic requirement;

13. Open source.