Government and Enterprise Watch | If the Wuhan epidemic crisis has been used for blockchain

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First of all, I will ask you two questions. The first question is what happens if there is a blockchain in this epidemic?

If there is a blockchain, what things and functional features of the blockchain can we use to solve these problems. For example, some time ago, the Wuhan Red Society dealt with the issue of donated materials around the world. For these masks and protective clothing, they did not go where they were most needed, and even a variety of strange things appeared. This can actually be done through the blockchain. The function of information disclosure is traceable and cannot be tampered with to achieve the best credibility .

We also saw the construction of Raytheon Mountain and Vulcan Mountain Hospital. We must know that this construction is a multi-party collaboration, design, construction, supervision, and medical support, etc. This is not like the original pyramid-type management model: Party A places an order and then designs , To construction, to supporting supervision, and finally to delivery. Now it is required to build a brand new hospital within 7 to 10 days. It is required to construct and operate at the same time. When it is under construction, it must consider delivery and other aspects. The open and transparent consensus mechanism of the blockchain can solve this most efficient multi-party collaboration .

In addition, the blockchain's incentive mechanism can well solve the problem of balance between various provinces and various forces. Especially friends in Hangzhou. Recently, more than 400 doctors from Zhejiang First, Zhejiang Second, and Shaw Run Hospitals went to the front-line support, and everyone was very moved, but if you were a secretary or governor, what would you think? Do you have any idea in your heart?

The answer is definitely a little bit hesitant, why? We obeyed the central government and supported Wuhan, but if Zhejiang falls, can we still have other forces to defend Zhejiang? How to explain to the people of Zhejiang if you don't follow Zhejiang well? This requires balancing the relationship between the interests of all parties and justice, and this is how to deal with the issue of the big market and the small market. As well as the issue of ex post incentives, the blockchain's incentive mechanism can solve this problem.

If the resources are allocated in the form of bookkeeping, the blockchain's distributed bookkeeping, consensus mechanism, computing incentives, community management, and hash function encryption algorithms can solve this drug development problem well.

The most valuable thing for scientific research is data. This medical research is divided into at least three or even four levels, with military systems, health planning commission systems, and university systems. How can you protect your original patents and scientific research results, and at the same time, you can share them in a state of crisis and use them more reasonably and efficiently? The blockchain can solve the above problems in emergency situations. The blockchain can realize the invisible sharing of data between multiple medical institutions, while leaving traces to be traceable. We can clearly distinguish who provided this result. , Can also reasonably distribute income.

From this point of view, the output of the blockchain is the four most: the best credibility, the most efficient multi-party collaboration, the most effective incentive mechanism, and the most reliable privacy protection .

The second question, why can someone's baby win the ten-million-dollar order for government digital product purchases?

The logic of government procurement is sorted out: first, the feelings that are lost when there is no money to earn, this is a kind of trust, so-called no trust and no sales; second, the consideration of latitude of G-end procurement, especially major procurement, needs to consider The relationship between these roles; third, the management of pre-sale, mid-sale, and post-sale is very important; fourth, it is necessary to solve the appropriate pre-sale income and share the accounting period with the government.

Government procurement Client procurement has two characteristics: one is complex procurement; the other is no procurement without budget, except in emergencies. Important things are said three times, no budget and no procurement, except for emergency situations; no budget and no procurement, except for emergency situations; no budget and no procurement, except for emergency situations . For example, the epidemic situation, but usually the government starts to make a budget in October every year, announced at the beginning of the next year, if there is no relevant budget, there is no way to purchase.

Let's look at this question: What is the application industry of the blockchain ToG sales, where is the blockchain government's big order in the epidemic, how to find and identify who is the payer, and finally get the order

After selling this blockchain ToG, the entire domestic and foreign markets have been taken care of

We are talking about ToG sales today, mainly looking at the first four: government affairs, judicial military police, big data centers, and grassroots community governance . And these four aspects of the budget source are different, which means that the payer is different, which means that this government-type blockchain application should you go to?

Looking at the comparison of the data for three years, we looked at only the Chongqing government report in 18 years, three in 19 years and twenty one in 20 years.

Then again, where is the government's big order?

Under the epidemic, the big order of the blockchain, first of all, is medical health . Who should I look for? 5G is a matter for operators or equipment vendors. Medical health is in the Health and Family Planning Commission, especially the provincial-level health and family commission; there is also the CDC, the Sports Bureau and various life and health institutions.

Government affairs generally refer to the information centers and economic and information commissions of provincial and municipal governments. They all have the need to purchase large-scale digital products and services; and social governance is the comprehensive administration office and public inspection law. Grassroots governance is district and county streets. Finally, there is big data, which is the provincial and municipal-level big data centers and the big data centers run by ministries and commissions.

These five are governments, they are not affiliated with each other, and they have their own control and consideration of each other's purchases in their fields.

Provincial and municipal governments are in the government affairs system. The other end of the government service is C, which is the common people, the actual users, but the decision maker of procurement is the government. It is the ministries and bureaus that influence government decisions.

There is also big data . Using blockchain can actually solve the pain point of sharing and co-governance of big data. At present, the data providers of our government departments are not enthusiastic. Why? Big data is very central to the government. For example, if you are the director of the Housing and Urban Construction Committee or the director of the Housing Management Bureau, your core is not the approval authority, but all the data you have on housing and construction. From a management perspective, you are generally reluctant to share your data with others, which will make your department lose value.

However, this data must be used in the development of the national economy and the services of the people. In this sharing, to prevent leaks, and to place a ownership, the problem of contribution, participation, value, and authorization privacy protection can be solved through the blockchain. I think the big data bureaus in the provinces and cities in the future will be the pay units for government procurement in the use of big data by the blockchain.

Where is the value of the blockchain when we are marketing to the government? The value advantage is decentralization, openness, traceability, autonomy, information cannot be tampered with, distributed accounting, multi-party verification, and permanent, especially information cannot be tampered with. This is especially true when multiple government departments collaborate and apply important.

The most important thing in sales is to find the payer. Many people do not know who is the payer and are not good at finding the payer.

Many people may have a misunderstanding. Many people are superstitious about knowing the boss. Actually, no real decision maker has been found. In the organizational structure of government and enterprise customers, some people actually do not have the actual decision power. However, their opinions may affect the specific development of the sales business, and even determine the success or failure of sales. They must be treated as key figures. Therefore, we must follow the "sale to Mr. Right" in the sales process. Here we need to know that Mr. Right does not refer to the biggest gentleman, but refers to the one who can really affect this sales.

In general, the blockchain must be purchased. Although the whole country is optimistic about the blockchain, it will eventually usher in a victory, but we must also see that the road is long and the process is tortuous. The current performance is that the thunder and thunder are small, and you are asked to come up with a lot of plans, and actually sign less, and there are even fewer kinds of particularly large orders. The problem is that sales and customers do not work together. The problem is that scene description and technology integration always lack the last mile .

In fact, as mentioned above, the buyer of the blockchain government and enterprise sales or any digital government and enterprise buyer is a collection of one person, he is not alone.

So we have to distinguish roles, the key is to find four kinds of people: decision makers, users, influencers and mentors . Decision makers are those who have influence on this procurement. Users can influence this procurement. The influencers have influence on the procurement application technology. The guide is the insider.

We use four pictures to explain the positioning of the four roles in detail. They value the factors that are most important in the purchasing decision-making process. Each role has different communication methods and communication skills, which need to be treated differently.

The last is to get and place orders.

First of all, we need to confirm and improve the four roles just mentioned, and then consolidate before entering the next step of sales. If you do not have a very good confirmation and improvement of these four roles, do not easily enter the next step of sales.

You can compare the internal relationship diagram of the customer. This can help you analyze the decision makers, users, their respective attitudes towards the introduction of this product, and their role in this procurement process. We must adopt different attitudes, methods and measures to different roles.

Finally, to make a distinction, many people will compare artificial intelligence and blockchain together. Generally speaking, the service mode of artificial intelligence from passive to active is based on the satisfaction of needs, and through the technical perception of AI and big data, we need The push service has changed from being a thousand people to beings. Then, the blockchain should be able to solve the current problems of unclear data rights and responsibilities, lack of credibility and security, that is, data is difficult to use and difficult to solve.

The best way is to use the new technology of blockchain and artificial intelligence.

I conclude with a sentence: Blockchain is a new type of Internet technology. It is an open and distributed account book. It is a log record of the entire state change. If artificial intelligence is productivity, blockchain is a production relationship.

thank you all!