Yuanjie DNA Receives Strategic Investment from Consensus Labs to Build a Public Domain Ecosystem

According to the official disclosure of Yuanjie DNA, in the past period of time, Yuanjie DNA has obtained strategic investment from a well-known investment institution-Consensus Lab. Consensus Lab will provide in-depth aspects in the community, technology, and market. stand by. Metaverse DNA is a top-level public chain project led by the Metaverse team, jointly developed by the Polkadot wallet development team and the BTS technical team.

Consensus Lab is a well-known blockchain investment research institution in the industry. It includes consensus investment funds, consensus quantitative parent funds, and consensus industry alliance funds. Its core research direction focuses on blockchain technology, infrastructure and application projects. This fund industry has also received the support of a large number of pioneers in the blockchain industry and is committed to empowering groups who are determined to use blockchain technology to promote social progress. So far, more than 80 blockchain projects have been invested.