He Baohong: Under the epidemic, the blockchain helps the construction of public welfare platforms

According to the communication world network news, He Baohong, director of the Institute of Information and Communication Technology, said in an interview, "Blockchain is very promising after the epidemic, or in terms of preventing and controlling the epidemic. In He Baohong's view, blockchain can help in 4 ways Public welfare. First, the use of blockchain for public welfare can make public welfare data more transparent and credible, such as the traceability of donations. Second, from the perspective of personnel, the blockchain keeps participants in awe because the data is Openly, everyone can see that it is tamper-proof, traceable, open and transparent; thirdly, from the perspective of the organization, it can make public welfare organizations operate more efficiently, digitally operate, and digitally manage; fourthly, from the perspective of supervision See, so that regulators can follow up in a timely manner.