Donggang shares: blockchain invoice is expected to be fully promoted

According to the news of the China Securities Network, the investor relations activity record sheet disclosed by Donggang on February 19 shows that the company has recently received a large number of investor investigations. The company stated that Donggang issued the first domestic electronic invoice in 2013, but due to the impact of hardware, the development of electronic invoices was slower than expected. Until 2018, the company made progress in the blockchain field. "Invoice" technology is relatively mature, and it is possible to carry out comprehensive promotion throughout the country.

The company introduced that in 2017, the company began to deploy the blockchain. It has made achievements in the fields of "blockchain + electronic invoices, electronic certificates", "blockchain + electronic bills", "blockchain + copyright", etc. Completed the self-developed blockchain platform Donggang BaaS platform, which will better serve customers after completing the layout. The company's goal is to create a blockchain infrastructure platform for industry applications, providing an application support environment for blockchain technology, including electronic invoices, electronic bills, electronic certificates, electronic vouchers, and financial financing.