In the era of "Black Swans", learn to use blockchain thinking to improve anti-fragility

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After Jingdong left, many friends thought that I had left the aftermarket industry. In fact, I have never left, because I am too affectionate about the industry and I hope to contribute a little more to the industry. When friends in the Tao asked each other, a heart of ice was in the jade pot.

The recent epidemic situation is severe. After that period, the market stores will be seriously affected. Almost all of them will not be able to operate normally. It is also not recommended to open. The thinking model is to plan and lay the foundation for the new year's work.

Think carefully: In this age of frequent black swan incidents, how to improve your anti-fragility.

This article is to talk to you about a concept that is relatively hot recently and is relatively unfamiliar to everyone, blockchain thinking.

The Internet thinking with information transmission as the core technology and link users as the core thinking has not been able to set off a huge wave in the oil-speaking land of the aftermarket, because the industry is too complicated and there are too many human factors. There are too many anchors of trust, which is beyond the power of the Internet. Because the Internet only solves the problem of the efficiency of information transmission, the after-market also needs to address the efficiency of value transmission and the establishment of trust mechanisms.

Until I understood the underlying logic of the blockchain, I found that I seemed to see a beam of light coming in.

Many people have misunderstanding of the blockchain, which is why many people are unwilling to understand it deeply. What you understand may not necessarily be what you understand. This world, the magical place is here, he always Appears in a variety of forms you can't imagine and changes you in a form you can't accept, and when you realize you are powerless. Blockchain is approaching us in this way, just like the entry of the Internet in the 1990s.

What exactly is a blockchain?

Today, I don't want to talk about too many technical things, what distributed accounting, decentralization, and smart contracts are too far and esoteric for post-market bosses. And what I want to say to the owners of auto repair stores today, blockchain is not just a technology, it is also a thinking.

Any technological innovation, in the short term, technology determines the threshold, in the long term, thinking determines success or failure.

Although doctrine is summed up in action, ideas are contained in industry, and values ​​are technically reflected, but doctrine precedes action, ideas precede industry, and values ​​precede technology.

I first try to explain the operating logic of the blockchain with a story that everyone can understand:

Ten years ago, there was a boss named Satoshi Nakamoto who was going to start a company, but he didn't have money, so he set up a point system. This point has a very good name: Bitcoin, this set of points and The biggest difference of other points is that this point has a very good attribute. It can achieve point-to-point exchange without the participation of third-party institutions, that is, it has very free liquidity.

Then the company has to have employees to work, so it has developed a very powerful mechanism (pow mining mechanism), whoever works best and fastest among all employees, send Bitcoin to anyone. In this mechanism, each person is an independent individual, but the authenticity of each other's work results must be verified with each other, so your work results can hardly be faked, and the individuals are independent and valuable. And each individual can leave at any time and can return at any time. All the contributions that have been made will be recorded and never disappear.

He told these people that Bitcoin may be very valuable in the future, because the total amount is constant, more and more people join the company, and they will not be divided enough in the future. Do you say that the value is not worth it? Isn't it a bit like stocks? It's similar, but there are some differences. I will not repeat them for now.

The logic is indeed such a logic, but there are still people who believe it, so many people have joined in, and everyone has their own computers and comes to work for Satoshi Nakamoto. Everyone works silly every day Just to earn Bitcoin. Later, Satoshi Nakamoto, the founder of this company completely disappeared (in fact, he has never appeared from beginning to end, just a vest on social software), so far this person, whether it is a person or a ghost, is a mystery. However, bitcoin has really risen to 60,000 yuan. In ten years, a company with a market value of 1.4 trillion has been created. No, it is not a company, it is an ecology.

The boss does not need to support any one person. Everyone is contributing to the ecological effort. Are the bosses excited about thinking about it?

The technology that supports this whole set of logic is called blockchain, and this ecologically produced product is actually Bitcoin.

It is this set of mysterious technology, which has been upgraded to a national strategic technology in 2019, showing its outstanding value.

The more painful areas, the stronger the demand for new technologies, so from the technical level, there are actually many directions in which the blockchain may land and explore in the aftermarket:

1) A decentralized traceability system can help the aftermarket be completed. Decentralized traceability of parts and accessories can solve the problem of counterfeit parts. In the future, there will be no original or auxiliary parts. Only you are on-chain or non-on-chain. Now, this direction Auto Superman and Jia Nan Gengzhi are already exploring.

2) Smart contracts will realize very powerful functions in the future of insurance claims. The claim adjusters of insurance companies can be completely replaced, and it is almost impossible to swindle insurance.

3) The maintenance and maintenance records are uploaded to the chain, and the decentralized collection and chain are added, which increases the user's trust and eliminates the black box in the industry.

4) Integralization of corporate points. This is the easiest direction for visual inspection at the moment, and it is also the most hopeful for the store, because the tokenized conversion of points will become a powerful tool for collecting, locking and retaining customers.

At present, in my cognition, at least these directions can be tried and explored.

The landing of technology is a very long process, and the road is long and long. Compared to technology, the entire blockchain ecosystem thinking should give some bosses some enlightenment that can be used immediately:

First, there is no company, only ecology.

In the traditional Internet era, everyone wants to be a boss to create a company with a market value and employ hundreds of employees to work for themselves. The feeling that I have the final say on my site has really attracted many bosses.

Now you will find out who the real boss is, it seems that the boundary is not so clear. In this era of individual rise, there is no big difference between bosses and employees. Whether you are a company or a platform, or a platform or an ecology, this is something that every boss urgently needs to consider.

If you are a company, you are hiring people to work, and you have to pay to support them. If you are a platform, then each individual can rise on your platform and become a partner on an equal footing with you. The difference is a different division of labor.

Lei Jun, who has built a sense of participation to the extreme, said: The age of employment is over, the age of partners is coming, and every company should move towards a platform.

And ecology is another dimension higher than the platform. If the Internet thinking can solve the company's transition to the platform, then blockchain technology and thinking will bring the platform to the ecology.

What is ecology, think about nature.

Second , there is no management, only governance.

The difference between management and governance is like the difference between Newton and Darwin, one is top-down control, and the other is bottom-up evolution.

Management is already a very mature discipline, and Drucker ’s management is the most popular. However, to this day, as the times change, management also needs to be iterated and upgraded. In the future ecology, the concept of management may require Was gone.

Ecology is a world of inaction. It does not require control or order. What is needed is the co-construction of all participants. Each individual is part of the ecology. It is important and respected.

Ecology has its own rules and operating mechanism. It will be rewarded for doing things that are beneficial to the ecology. It will be punished accordingly for doing things that destroy the ecology. .

What ecology needs is governance, not management. In ecology, there is no desire to control, but only the satisfaction of individual rise and human nature.

The OKR working method currently used by many enterprises, as well as the exponential organization advocated, are signs of developing in the ecological direction. Governance is not managed, and the evolutionary ability of each individual is brought into play. Only the evolution of the organization can bring about the evolution of ecology.

Bottom-up evolution may be the core direction of organizational development in the next era.

Third, there is no constraint, only consensus.

In the blockchain world, everyone comes in, no salary, only rewards, and the rewards are not money, just a set of worthless points. Then all employees who join in must first reach a consensus and recognize the philosophy:

Improve your ability to earn more points,

You have to find a way to make your points more valuable.

This is the consensus of the Bitcoin system. It is not the same for us as a company. Whether you establish your consensus from the moment the employees come in.

The way to form a consensus is to set up a company mechanism and turn the mechanism into a consensus, just like Bitcoin's POW mining mechanism, so that everyone has no reason to refuse, which is missing in many stores.

There are two types of this consensus mechanism.

One is the behavior consensus mechanism:

In fact, the simple point is how to earn money and get rewards when you enter the company.

What can be done, what can't be done, to what extent there is reward, and to what extent can not be punished. And this mechanism must be strictly enforced instead of being displayed on the last wall. It is mechanized in the same way as smart contracts and is executed once the triggering conditions are reached.

One is the ideological consensus mechanism:

The ideological mechanism can be understood as culture. For example,'s customers are the first. So far in my mind, this is the ideological mechanism. It is a high degree of consensus. The first reaction to all complex problems. Need to instill repeatedly until deep into the bone marrow.

Knocking on the blackboard, mechanism alone is not enough, and the mechanism must be turned into consensus. When the mechanism becomes a consensus, the consensus will propagate itself within the company, so the development of the enterprise will become a perpetual motion. Everyone is the driving force to promote the development of this machine, not just the boss. People pushed behind.

Blockchain technology is born out of chaos, just like an oil painting. When you stand near you can't see the charm, when you stand far away you can't see the lines. Don't expect a short thousand-character text to make it clear. However, in ignorance, I believe you have indeed seen a blueprint that is unfolding to us and is becoming clearer and clearer.

In the future, what form and state the blockchain will enter into our life, change our world, change our business, it is not known, but it is certain that after he arrives, everyone will Can't leave him.

From the thinking hidden in the blockchain technology, it can be seen that it seems more suitable for the individual's aspirations, and more in line with the original driving force of human nature. Doesn't the advancement of any technology and the iterative management science upgrade the game of humanity? ? Maybe the thinking model brought by blockchain technology can be realized, and it can become the next generation to satisfy humanity.

The road is long and obstructive, the line is coming; the line is continuous, and the future can be expected.

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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