Google Cloud Posts Introduces Cooperation Case of Hybrid Blockchain Platform Cypherium and Human Resources Company Randstad

The multi-national human resources company Randstad's use of the hybrid blockchain platform Cypherium and Google Cloud has been published on Google Cloud's website. Google Cloud said that Randstad's combination of Cypherium blockchain and Google Cloud to more effectively match talent with corporate needs will free up the team to do more valuable work. At present, Randstad may verify the qualifications by human means, which may take several months. After using the Cypherium blockchain, Randstad hopes to complete the verification immediately through official sources. It will be able to do this through digital signature technology, while maintaining privacy for Randstad's customers and employees, and authoritative departments can publish the hash of digital certificates on the Cypherium public chain, which allows Randstad to verify without collecting user data Information such as whether the user has a driver's license. According to previous reports, Cypherium applied to the US Patent Office for a patent for the CypherBFT algorithm in July last year. This algorithm is a license-free Byzantine fault-tolerant algorithm, which combines HotStuff algorithm and proof of work, so that any node can participate in consensus without any authorization. The LibraBFT algorithm used by the blockchain project Libra is also based on HotStuf.