Viewpoint: The future development direction of the blockchain in the power grid industry mainly includes four aspects, including electricity trading

According to the China Energy News, at present, blockchain has become the focus of social attention, and companies in various industries are exploring the development and application of blockchain. In the power industry, blockchain has landed projects in State Grid Corporation of China and China Southern Power Grid Corporation, which are mainly used in three types of scenarios: transaction, certificate storage and authorization management. According to the assumptions of power grid experts, the future development direction of blockchain in the power grid industry mainly includes four aspects: electricity trading, industrial financial services, emerging businesses, and industrial upstream and downstream enterprise interoperability. Many experts believe that blockchain can help grid companies improve quality and efficiency, improve management capabilities and customer service levels, which are mainly reflected in the ability to optimize business processes, improve work efficiency, meet the needs of upgrading customers, promote data sharing, and bring data value Resolve demand-side response issues, improve collaboration efficiency, and ensure the authenticity of customer information.