Preview | Zhong Lifei, head of Biyuan Chain Technology, is visiting AMA tonight, interpreting Biyuan Chain 2020 bounty plan

Tonight (February 21) at 19:00, the head of the original chain technology Zhong Lifei is a guest on the live broadcast of "Changqing Chain. Public Chain Ecological AMA Publicity Month" and brings the topic "How the 2020 bounty program can help MOV Eco ".

It is reported that with the launch of the new MOV ecology, more community partners are needed than the original chain to contribute to this cross-chain ecosystem, especially in areas such as DEFI. In this bounty, it has invested more resources and expanded its scope of work than the original chain, and has released more than a dozen requirements lists, including software and tools, academic research and educational documents. In addition, each project can receive up to 100,000 US dollars in funding. In addition, BiyuanChain provides the relevant developer's personal brand and media exposure rights, free participation qualifications for heavyweight events at home and abroad, and BiyuanChain. Wait for a series of rights.