Japan Virtual Currency Trading Association will be changed to Japan Crypto Asset Trading Association based on new revised regulations

According to Crypto Watch, the Japan Virtual Currency Trading Association (JVCEA) is about to make a charter change based on the revised fund settlement algorithm. The change is mainly to change the name of "virtual currency" to "cryptographic assets", and also includes changing the name of the association group to "Japan Crypto Assets Trading Association". In the change plan, the purpose of the association was modified to "ensure the proper and smooth implementation of the crypto asset exchange industry and crypto asset related derivatives trading industry conducted by members, which will help its healthy development and protect users and investors. In addition, although the current category 1 members are virtual currency exchange companies, according to the clear regulations of the revised regulations, crypto asset-related derivatives trading and custody companies are also eligible for application. Earlier news, the Japan Virtual Currency Exchange Association will adjust the association's charter and solicit evaluations of improvement plans from the public. The solicitation time is from February 19 to March 13.