CCID Public Chain Technology Evaluation Index Issue 16: EOS, Tron, Ethereum maintain the top three, and Bitcoin ranks 11th

On February 21, China Electronics and Information Industry Development Research Institute (Sadi Research Institute) released the 16th CCID Global Public Chain Technology Evaluation Index. The evaluation results show that EOS, Tron, and Ethereum, the three largest Dapp platforms in the world, remain in the top three, with scores of 157.3, 139.6, and 136.1, respectively. The 4th to 10th positions are the application chain, the Stim chain, the IOST, the public letter chain, the quantum chain, the NEO, and the Nasch chain. Bitcoin's comprehensive score is 106.4, ranking 11th among all 37 evaluated public chains, down 2 places from the previous period.