Hangzhou's Xiacheng District launches the city's first “intelligent resumption system for construction sites” that combines blockchain and other technologies

According to the information from the Central Radio and Television Network, in response to the problems encountered in the resumption of construction sites, such as “difficulty in personnel inspection”, “complex resumption procedures”, and “slow feedback feedback”, the full support of the District Big Data Bureau of Wenhui Street, Xiacheng District, Hangzhou City Next, with the help of blockchain and big data technologies, the city's first “reconstruction site intelligent resumption system” was developed and launched. Through smart empowerment, technical measures were taken to ensure the implementation of the responsibilities of the main body of prevention and control of the enterprise and accelerate the resumption of production.

This "reconstruction site intelligent resumption system" leverages the urban brain of Xiacheng District and relies on the 1Call government service system. Reworkers at the construction site can declare their personal key epidemic prevention information such as the return time, which city they belong to, and the project site to which they belong. Book, grab real-time health code, so as to achieve the purpose of returning to work and reporting "one stop".