SheKnows Live | Ao Gang: cautiously optimistic about halving the market

On the afternoon of February 21st, the SheKnows Live Room ushered in a special mining event. When asked about the "predictive attitude of halving the market price in 2020", Ao Gang, vice president of Core Motion Technology, said that the virtual economy and the real economy are somewhat hedged. If the real economy is not good, the virtual economy will still make sense . This is similar to the relationship between yin and yang. For the halving market, I choose to be cautious and optimistic. I could have chosen optimism, but I must be cautious at any time, so it is always good to be more cautious. The future development cannot be separated from the working principle of yin and yang. Note: Add the micro signal luofengyu09, reply “SK” to enter the crowd.