SheKnows Live | Chen Lei: Now the BTC market has nothing to do with the halving

On the afternoon of February 21st, the SheKnows Live Room ushered in a special mining event. In response to the "how to look at the BTC market", Chen Lei, the founder of the Blue Whale Blockchain, said, "I have a consistent view of BTC, and the possibility of soaring is not so high. Without the Sino-US trade dispute, the US-Iranian Middle East conflict Contingency events such as China ’s epidemic and the like, BTC is less likely to have a big market. "He believes that the current market has nothing to do with BTC's upcoming halving. Considering that the major economies have always been unfriendly to digital currency transactions, institutional funds have entered the pipeline. Due to various restrictions, the long and short derivatives in the trading market are weighed against each other. "The currency price will continue to be maintained at around 10,000, and it will be difficult to break the historical high." Live link: