SheKnows Live | Yang Zhou: As long as the global central bank continues to maintain water drainage policy, the price of Bitcoin is long-term bullish

This afternoon, the SheKnows live room welcomes a special mining event. In the live broadcast, PayPal Finance founder and CEO Yang Zhou analyzed the impact of halving on the BTC market from three levels. He pointed out that

1. At the macro level, an important factor affecting Bitcoin over the past decade has been global monetary policy. Judging from the situation this year, we believe that global monetary policy easing will only strengthen but not weaken because of factors such as the US election and the new crown epidemic. To put it simply, as long as the global central banks continue to maintain water drainage policies, the prices of risky assets such as stocks, real estate, and safe-haven assets including bonds, bitcoin, and gold have long been bullish.

2. At the meso level, the consensus of bitcoin in the society is continuously increasing, which is reflected in the fact that more and more people have started to use bitcoin as a safe-haven choice, and that US financial institutions have continued to improve bitcoin-related futures , Option products, custody services, etc., have gradually paved the way for traditional institutions to enter this market.

3. At the event level, Facebook's launch of the Libra white paper in 2019 and the learning of the blockchain by the Political Bureau of the Central Political Bureau have all greatly promoted the recognition and popularization of cryptocurrencies and pushed up the price of Bitcoin. Some of these things will continue to ferment this year, such as Libra, and there may be other similar incidents. Geopolitical turmoil could also cause Bitcoin to skyrocket.

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