Cao Shengxi of Renmin University of China: At present, the society has not yet formed an ecosystem that depends on the blockchain

According to the Economic Reference News, Cao Shengxi, an associate researcher of the International Monetary Institute of Renmin University of China, said in an interview that the advantage of blockchain is that the information on the chain cannot be tampered with. In addition to the release of charitable donation needs and the tracking of donations, it also tracks the flow of information. In terms of community governance, blockchain technology is equally promising. However, at present, society has not yet formed an ecosystem that relies on the blockchain, and the back-end technology system has not fully matured. This is also the reason why the response in the blockchain industry is lagging in the face of sudden epidemics. Cao Shengxi said how to give all parties the motivation to participate in the blockchain system is the next step that needs to be considered.