SheKnows Live | Chen Lei: The mining industry is not capable of affecting the secondary Bitcoin market

On the afternoon of February 21st, the SheKnows Live Room ushered in a special mining event. When talking about mining costs, the founder of the Blue Whale Blockchain Chen Lei said that personally, the current industry-wide average mining cost is about 4,000-5,000 US dollars, but this number is dynamically changing.

He believes that the so-called "average mining cost of the entire industry" in static calculation is meaningless to me. For any investor, the actual mining cost should be the cost of the mining machine purchase, the mining machine hosting Operation and maintenance costs, mining cash flow strategies, hedging / leverage instrument involvement, and other factors are superimposed. He also pointed out that the relationship between the price of bitcoin and the mining industry is more that the bitcoin market affects the mining industry. I don't think that the mining industry has the ability to affect the bitcoin secondary market.

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