SheKnows Live | Ao Gang: For miners, time is money, and more coins are the winner

On the afternoon of February 21st, the SheKnows Live Room ushered in a special mining event. Ao Gang, Vice President of Core Motion Technology, said that different chips have different requirements for energy efficiency, and the bit mining machine must have entered the 10nm era. From a chip design perspective, the technical threshold for bitcoin mining chips is not high, and 10nm, 7nm, and 5nm do not make any difference in terms of design difficulty. We have been saying that good design is better than expensive craftsmanship. The new process may bring some energy efficiency improvements, but the cost, stability, yield and delivery time are all greatly reduced.

He also emphasized that for miners, time is money, and scale produces benefits, and more coins are the winner. The Core Motion Group has many businesses, some of which are already in the plan of listing. However, the mining business is not suitable for taking the traditional financial road, so there is no plan for listing in this area.

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