Jiang Zhuoer: Donation plan will not affect BCH miners' income, it will only decline by 0.2%

According to Gyro Finance News, a user today asked Lezhub founder Jiang Zhuoer: The donation plan allows miners to donate 5% from the output, but the halving of BCH is coming. Isn't this worse? In this regard, Jiang Zhuoer replied that BCH and BTC miners are both sha256 miners, both are the same type of mining machine, and the computing power of their two coins will flow between each other. When the revenue of BCH drops by 5% due to the donation of miners, about 4.8% of the miners will flow to BTC, and then the returns of these two coins will be rebalanced to reach a consensus. If the current BCH is 4% of the BTC computing power, the BCH miner's income will only decline by about 0.2%, and the BCH miner's income can basically be considered to have little change.