Japan's SBI Holdings announces it will use XRP to issue year-end benefits to shareholders

According to AMBCrypto, Japanese SBI Holdings announced on February 21 that it has decided to use virtual currency XRP to issue year-end benefits to shareholders. SBI has previously revealed that it considers XRP as a shareholder option. According to its latest announcement, SBI Group stated, "In addition to shareholder income implemented during the transition period, we will provide shareholders with income at the end of the fiscal year." Shares) or shareholders registered in the register of shareholders are eligible for this income. According to the data provided by the SBI, shareholders with more than 1 unit share will be eligible for 50 XRP, which is equivalent to 1,545 yen (1 XRP = 30.90 yen). It is reported that shareholders need to open an account in SBI VC Trade (the company's subsidiary that handles cryptocurrency transactions), and the proceeds will be deposited into the shareholders' accounts in the form of XRP.