Dong Yang, Renmin University of China: Establish a two-way information communication mechanism introduced by the blockchain, which can avoid the “Taxi Pitfall”

According to the Beijing News, Yang Dong, director of the Financial Technology Research Center of Renmin University of China's Future Rule of Law Institute, said in an interview that during the outbreak, our epidemic warning system exposed two problems: information transmission failure and ineffective professional intervention. Information transmission failure refers to the "failure" of the bottom-up information collection and transmission mechanism. Invalid professional intervention refers to the lack of a reference mechanism for professional information to enter decision-making. Therefore, in terms of technical means, the ability to access information can be improved, and a two-way information communication mechanism with the core of "trusted data input system", "Gossip propagation protocol", and "digital verification mechanism" introduced by the blockchain can be constructed. Furthermore, the "Tasiji trap" that General Secretary Xi reminded the whole party to pay attention to to prevent the lack of credibility was avoided.