Data: BTC's popularity rebounded weakly, and trading volume continued to shrink

According to TokenInsight data, the TI index reflecting the overall performance of the blockchain industry reported 482.29 points at 8:00 on May 01, which was 15.49 points higher than the same period of last year, or 3.32%. In addition, among the 28 sub-sectors closely watched by TokenInsight, the highest growth rate in 24 hours was for the energy and mining applications industry, an increase of 11.41%; the highest decline in 24 hours was the anchoring and reserve industry, with a drop of 0.55%. According to the monitoring, the number of BTC active addresses and the number of transfers increased by 6.71% and 3% respectively compared with the previous day. BCtrend analyst Jeffrey believes that BTC's popularity rebound is weak, the transaction volume continues to shrink, and the short-term may fluctuate sideways. According to the quantitative analysis of BitUniverse, ETH fluctuates widely at 151$-164$, which can be profitable by high grid.