Telegram move brick arbitrage scam is still operating normally, the scam amount is up to 1010 ETH in 20 days

According to monitoring, at 20:43:08 on February 20th, Beijing time, another user encountered a Telegram "brick arbitrage" fraud. The criminals lied that ETH could be exchanged for HT at a ratio of 1:66 to trick "little white" users to transfer ETH to the fraudster 0x9630bDaca account to exchange for false HT (fake HT contract address: 0xa2aaa7b9b27547a041a5c0e8e24ceb9c19bc577e). As of the report, the scam is still running, and many users have been deceived. The fraudulent address has accumulated a total of 1010 ETH in scams within 20 days, which is worth about 2 million yuan. Currently, the scammer has transferred funds to a new address starting with 0xdf31062d.