Curious baby Musk asked again, Vitalik strong Amway Ethereum

Today, the tweet of Elon Musk, CEO of the new currency network and Tesla, has once again triggered netizens to watch.

He sent a tweet with only one word – "Ether Square."

SpaceX founder Musk speaks at a press conference following the first launch of a SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket in Cape Canaveral

This wonderful circle of friends immediately attracted Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin, who began to invite Musk to participate in the Ethereum Developers Competition in October.

Curious baby Musk asks again


Perhaps it was because of many times that he was forced to become the "originator" of Twitter fraud several times. (Before, many fraudsters pretended to be Musk on Twitter, and defrauded Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies in the name of the coin) At least, he knew the existence of Ethereum, but he did not seem to have an in-depth understanding of Ethereum. Therefore, he replied to Vitalik and asked:

What should Ethereum be used to develop?

As a walking spokesperson for Ethereum, Vitalik also responded with enthusiasm. He listed the five-point application of Ethereum, saying that this is his first choice:

(1) A globally accessible financial system, including payments, value storage, and further applications like insurance; identity: from 'login with Facebook account' to 'transfer with an Ethereum account without an intermediary'; Have a trust network…

(2) All records that can be chained to ensure security, simplify the verification process; test new human organizational structures; all micropayment applications through payment channels…

(3) Personal data privacy protection machine learning market (you pay me a certain fee, I can allow you to perform the function Y on my data homomorphism, and my data is verified…); used in social networks The encryption economy that prevents spam.

(4) Encrypted economy or micro-payment mechanism for premium content publishers; new market-designed laboratories, such as high-frequency batch auctions, combined auctions, automatic market makers; (charitable) stickers or badges.

(5) P2P markets for network-connected or incentive-based mesh networks; creating identity, reputation, and credit systems for those who currently lack resources (such as refugees); decentralized domain name server choices. Maybe it was too excited by Musk cue, or I thought that Ethereum was really amazing. Speaking of the application for three days and three nights, Vitalik’s words are more inclined to some specific applications. . To sum up: Ethereum can do traditional payment and micropayments, information chaining, privacy protection, rewards, identity authentication, and charity with the surrounding.

After Vitalik’s bitter Amway, Muske never showed up again, but it blew up a group of enthusiastic netizens.


Jeff Garzik, co-founder of well-known blockchain technology company Bloq, combined with Tesla and Ethereum, proposed a centralized application. He believes that Tesla can create a P2P lease and trading market based on the Ethereum network. This token can be used to transfer vehicle ownership, purchase turbochargers, pay carbon credits, and more.


Well-known commentators in the currency circle and WhalePanda, a 100-year-old professional Black Ethereum, started the VIPs of Vitalik:

This problem is a trap. After all, the only goal of Ethereum is to keep its founders ambiguously committed to decentralization, scalability, and usability… They are constantly violating these promises.


Even more beautiful is CEO Brendan Blumer, who started the EOS directly with the heat of this tweet.

You may want to learn about EOS for the following reasons:

(1) EOS performance can meet the needs of mainstream applications, fast, low cost, and scalable; (2) here, most things will run in the private chain, but the public EOS chain and tokens The holders are in the same camp and oppose two or three mine pool control networks. Huh? Also said that the old stalks of mining centering, some netizens can not bear here. A Twitter user pointed out that compared with EOS, Ethereum is more decentralized and more friendly, and Ethereum can also run private chains.

Blumer replies:

In PoW systems, hardware manufacturers and people with lower power costs can be centralized; almost all PoW systems are controlled by two or three mine pools. In contrast, EOS is more decentralized, not only because of its 21 nodes that are constantly being updated, but also with token holders in the same camp.


Tesla's financing bottleneck, can cryptocurrency help?

On the same day that Musk was launched, Reuters reported that Tesla seems to be looking for other sources of financing.

In the first quarter of this year, Tesla announced a loss of 700 million US dollars. Musk said last week that it seems that it is time to raise funds.

Earlier, Tesla’s consistent style in fundraising was the issuance of bonds. However, both Moody's and S&P's global ratings downgrade Tesla's rating to non-investment grade (ie junk bonds). They all have a negative view of the company's debt outlook.

A Tesla spokesperson said the company expects capital expenditures this year to be between $2 billion and $2.5 billion, and capital expenditures for the next two fiscal years will be between $2.5 billion and $3 billion annually.

This shows that issuing bonds is not the best way to finance. Combined with the recent interest in cryptocurrency by Musk, and today suddenly cue to Ethereum, does he consider issuing coins? Perhaps the most recent appearance in the currency circle is to better understand the cryptocurrency?

Whatever Musk finally made, but the emergence of "Tesla" does help to make more people understand the cryptocurrency, which is not a bad thing to some extent. But the persistence of a thing can't be based on the heat of the moment. Blockchain and cryptocurrency are no exception. In the future, only the truly feasible application scenarios will be witnessed. The potential of this emerging technology is likely to be seen by more people. It is also possible to achieve longer-term development.

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