Data: BTC balances on the chain, Coinbase, Huobi, and Binance rank among the top three, totaling approximately 1.6 million last week's BTC balance list on the trading platform chain showed that the BTC balances on Coinbase, Huobi, and Binance Chain ranked in the top three. Among them, there are 986,600 Coinbases, 378,800 Huobi and 248,300 Binance. The three trading platforms totaled 1.5958 million pieces, accounting for 8.75% of the current total circulation of BTC of 18,292,500 pieces. In addition, Bitfinex was 18.29 million, ranking fourth; OKEx 15.08 million, ranking fifth; Bitstamp 12.86 million, ranking sixth; Kraken 125.1 thousand, ranking seventh; Bittrex 11.17 million, ranking eighth; Bitflyer 745,000 , Ranked ninth; 32,600, ranked tenth. The total of ten trading platforms is 2.420 million, accounting for 13.18% of the current total circulation of BTC of 18.229,500. In addition, last week, Huobi and OKEx BTC had a net inflow of about 8,500, while Bittrex had a net outflow of more than 2000 BTC, and the remaining trading platform balances did not change significantly.