Monitoring shows that stolen bitcoin account of multiple killer whale accounts has entered multiple exchanges, but the ownership right has been identified as a problem

According to the monitoring of the blockchain security company Beijing Lian'an, the bitcoin related to the 1,547 whale accounts that were stolen yesterday has partially flowed into dozens of addresses of more than a dozen exchanges. When Bitcoin is mixed, its ownership right will have legal problems.

According to data analyst SXWK analysis, the stolen bitcoin money laundering activities have been continuously split and accompanied by mergers. After off-exchange transactions, they have entered small amounts of user addresses in major exchanges. This process is very fast, and from the perspective of a large number of other sources participating in Bitcoin, it is probable that a third-party coin mixing service is used, which is obviously well prepared. At present, there are not many stolen Bitcoins that actually complete this process. Usually, they are eventually mixed with other source Bitcoins in the middle to form single-digit Bitcoins, and then transfer to multiple addresses at the same time. Although this process can still be technically traced, from the business point of view, the bitcoins that eventually flowed into the relevant address may just be the purchase of small amounts of bitcoin by different users on various exchanges. The proportional relationship will be more a matter of legal recognition.