Data: FCoin or more than 2,000 potential victims of the crisis since December 2018

Blockchain data platform's statistics on the total historical balance of 21574 deposit addresses, 2 hot wallets and 1 cold wallet under the name of FCoin. From the perspective of the daily net inflow of BTC, the median daily net inflow of FCoin is 0.000579, which is equivalent to 331 days in 662 days of FCoin's launch from April 2018 to February 2019. Inflow is approximately equal to zero. And the number of days with a negative net inflow after December 2018 accounted for 75.57% of the total days with a negative net inflow, which is higher than the 15-month monthly average. Therefore, the start of the FCoin business crisis may be December 2018. If the first recharge time occurred after December 2018 of the dangerous emergence of FCoin, and the investor who has been active in the last six months (with recharge history) is designated as the potential victim of this FCoin thunderstorm, then The scale is about 2553 people.