Huobi Qiye responds to the theft of the giant whale: depositing digital assets in Huobi is the best choice

In response to the stolen 260 million yuan BTC and BCH of the encrypted giant whale account zhoujianfu, Huobi Global CEO Qiye commented in the circle of friends, because of the characteristics of encrypted digital currency, once the key is stolen, the coin is lost, and it is managed very Trouble, the stock exchange is worried that if extreme policies occur, it will run away or the exchange itself will be stolen. I have also struggled with the issue of how to deposit coins securely, and later found that storing digital assets in Huobi accounts is the best choice. At present, all my own digital assets are also stored in Huobi. 1. Because Huobi accounts are convenient, management, transfer, and transactions can be seamlessly switched; 2. Security, which is equivalent to hiring dozens of people to help you manage your wallet without hot or cold isolation. Even if extreme conditions occur, most of the hot wallets are lost (cold wallets do not touch the Internet), and there is sufficient security to pay for them; 3. Reliable, except for Huobi Values ​​and management mechanism, no one is allowed to touch user assets Even if the most extreme policy risks occur, such as the suspension of the old Huobi gateway in history, the cancellation of US users, and the cancellation of Japanese users, for millions of accounts, Huobi will return the balance one by one.