Cosmos management disputes new developments: Tendermint's finance chief will become co-CEO, and board of directors will be restructured

Cosmos founder Jae Kwon once again issued a statement regarding the company's management split, severely criticizing Zender Manian, former director of Tendermint Labs, as a "devil" and "clown", saying it had destroyed his personal reputation. Jae Kwon revealed the current restructuring direction of Tendermint, the development company behind Cosmos. Jae Kwon said that after he ceased to be CEO of Tendermint, Chris Abejon, Tendermint's finance chief, will serve as the company's co-CEO, and the company will appoint another co-CEO. In addition, Tendermint's board will also be reorganized. Tendermint's board will consist of at least 5 members in the future. The company's investors and venture capital company Paradigm will have a seat on the board. Earlier news, before Tendermint's reorganization, Cosmos founder Jae Kwon was not only the company's CEO, but also the only board member. This practice was criticized by other members of the company. The core team of Cosmos split and Zaki Manian tweeted He fired at Jae Kwon, saying that the founder avoided responsibility for the Cosmos project.