Helping to resume work and resume production: Jiangxi Unicom launches "blockchain-based enterprise return to work and resume filing filing platform"

Reporter: Zhou Xiaolong Luo Xiaosheng Huang Wei

Source: People's Post and Telegraph

Editor's Note: The original title was "Helping to resume work and resume production 丨 the first in the country! Jiangxi Unicom pioneered the launch of the "Blockchain-based Enterprise Return to Work and Production Filing Reporting Platform". This article has been deleted without changing the author's original intention.

With the improvement of the epidemic situation and the resumption of work, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology launched the deployment of "Using new-generation information technology to support epidemic prevention and control and resumption of resumption of work" on February 18th. "Zero contact", safety, credibility, and rapid filing became the government's resumed work The core requirement for the record.

Under the overall guidance of the Information Technology Promotion Department of the Jiangxi Provincial Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China Unicom Research Institute, relying on the deep accumulation of core technologies such as blockchain patents, worked with Jiangxi Unicom and Jiangxi Industrial Internet Branch for five days and five nights to develop The nation's first "blockchain-based enterprise resumption and production resumption filing platform" , based on blockchain technology's anti-tampering, multi-node synchronization and other advantages, has solved remote online filing, rapid synchronization across provinces, cities and departments, and filing Data security and credibility, to avoid the gathering of on-site personnel, improve the filing efficiency, and worry about the government's resumption of work and production. The filing platform has been listed on the "Jiangxi Industrial Internet Cloud Platform" .

It is reported that on February 6, Jiangxi Unicom relied on "Jiangxi Industrial Internet Cloud Platform" to launch free innovative products and software services such as "Material Supply and Demand Docking", "Remote Device Management", "Remote Office", and "Cloud Video Conference". The province's enterprises resumed production and resumed production, and selected the first batch of cloud service providers recommended for remote collaboration of industrial enterprises in Jiangxi Province to resume production and resume production. They were recommended by the Jiangxi Provincial Bureau of Industry and Information Technology and the Jiangxi Provincial SASAC. As of February 21, in less than two weeks, Jiangxi Unicom actively connected with the government and resumption enterprises, and the platform has accumulated more than 1,000 resumption enterprises. The newly-launched "Recording and Resumption Platform" can directly serve these enterprises.
The filing and filing platform has 6 blockchain service nodes and uses a 256-bit encryption algorithm. It has the advantages of distributed, high redundancy, and high security. It makes full use of the blockchain's non-tamperable characteristics. On-chain preservation, multiple nodes such as enterprises, prevention and control headquarters, business competent departments, and regulatory departments can simultaneously query the on-chain records to ensure fairness, impartiality, and openness. The operation interface of the filing and filing platform is clear and convenient. Enterprises can implement filing with one click, and one-click approval by the competent department is simple and easy to use. No supervision is required to get started. Supervision departments can check the statistics of various resumption and resumption data in the province at any time. Progress to meet the needs of rapid resumption of work.

Since the filing and filing platform was launched on Jiangxi Unicom Industrial Cloud Platform, it has received good response from the government and enterprises and is being promoted outside the province.

In 2019, China Unicom ranked fifth in the world in the number of blockchain patents, China ranked second, and state-owned enterprises ranked first. In April 2018, Jiangxi Unicom initiated the establishment of the Jiangxi Provincial Industrial Internet Industry Alliance with the support of the Headquarters Research Institute and the establishment of the China Unicom Research Institute Jiangxi Industrial Internet Branch. It introduced the country's well-known research and development institutions to Jiangxi. In November 2019, the first block Chain technology is combined with the construction of the National Industrial Internet's secondary node project, and the "blockchain + logo analysis" technology fusion is implemented. In December 2019, the "Jiangxi Province Blockchain Industry Alliance" initiated by Jiangxi Unicom was also approved to establish and will accelerate the construction of the Jiangxi blockchain industry ecology under the guidance of the Jiangxi Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology. Relying on the Industrial Internet cloud platform, the country's first "blockchain-based enterprise resumption and production resumption filing platform" was put on the shelves. It is precisely because Jiangxi Unicom continued to take advantage of the "industrial Internet" first-mover advantage and the deep accumulation of China Unicom's "blockchain" Another useful attempt.