Beware of false propaganda of "moving bricks to arbitrage", a single user was deceived by 262 ETH yesterday

According to the digital asset security tracking platform CoinHunter monitoring, at 21:19:49 Beijing time on February 22, a new victim appeared again in the Telegram "moving bricks and arbitrage" scam. The user was defrauded of a total of 262 ETH worth about 50 Ten thousand yuan. The criminals lied that ETH could be exchanged for HT at a ratio of 1:66 to trick users into transferring ETH to fraudster accounts 0xa3FEE6437f … and 0xdF7a0e8 … to exchange false HT (fake HT contract address: 0x7273bccfd73196e4454ac0010bd7e0075ac2e615; 0x8e2e4b426a). CoinHunter hereby reminds all users that all information related to Huobi should be based on Huobi's official website announcement, and wary of false propaganda of "moving bricks and arbitrage" in order to avoid loss of assets.