Subsidiary of Tendering Group launches "don't meet" bid opening system for public resource transactions based on blockchain

According to the Gansu Daily News, while doing its own epidemic prevention and control, and returning to production, Gansu Engineering Consulting Group actively fulfills the political and social responsibilities of provincial state-owned enterprises, calling on and organizing its subsidiaries to do their best to implement procurement of epidemic prevention materials task. The technical staff of Chengxing Company, a subsidiary of the bidding group, fought day and night during the Spring Festival, and applied the blockchain technology to complete the development and deployment of the "no-show" bid opening system for public resource transactions, which solved the problem of bid opening online during the epidemic. It provided a strong guarantee for the resumption of work and production in the province, fully cooperating with the work of the party committee and government, and comprehensively serving the people's livelihood. At present, the system has been launched on public resource trading platforms such as Baiyin, Wuwei, and Jinchang, and the system is running smoothly.