71% of Bitcoin addresses remain profitable despite falling currency prices

According to a Bitcoinist report on February 21, recent data from IntoTheBlock shows that if the price of Bitcoin drops to $ 9,000, there may be a loss of 1.17 million Bitcoin addresses.

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Many Bitcoin traders are trapped above $ 10,000

According to data collected by blockchain analysts, when Bitcoin dropped to the $ 9,600 support level last time, more Bitcoin wallet addresses were "no longer profitable".


Profitability of Bitcoin addresses

So far, more than 71% of Bitcoin addresses are still profitable, and many of them have relatively low prices for bitcoin purchases, and still have considerable profit potential. However, when the price of bitcoin approaches $ 9,000, there will be 1.17 million new addresses appearing below the breakeven point.

We cannot determine the actual number of Bitcoin wallets and the actual owners of these wallets. In addition, although some people have suggested "hoarding" more bitcoin when the price of the currency drops, there are also many people who "owe". They cannot control themselves and always sell the bitcoin in panic when the price of the bitcoin drops.

By analyzing Bitcoin's active addresses, we find that the vast majority of people tend to hold Bitcoin in their hands because the number of Bitcoin's active addresses has been declining since last year's peak. Currently, only more than 600,000 addresses are active every day.

Bitcoin's daily transaction volume is still around 330,000, which is at a normal level. Bitcoin's daily transaction volume is still high, with more than $ 1.8 billion worth of Bitcoin flowing between different addresses every day.

Although the price of the currency has fallen, the data is still encouraging, as most investors are still holding and continuing to store Bitcoin. If the price of Bitcoin can exceed $ 10,000, a large number of subsequent investors will regain profits. Of course, there are quite a few people who buy bitcoin at a price of more than 10,000 US dollars, and even some people buy it at the highest price of 19,000 US dollars, but most people who use bitcoin and "coin hoarders" buy The cost of coins is much lower.

Some early buyers may be affected by continued decline in Bitcoin price

As of this writing, the price of Bitcoin has fallen to $ 9581.07. If this downward trend continues, those who recently bought at around $ 8,000 may soon face the risk of shrinking investment profits. According to the data, we also found that there are many addresses where the price of buying coins is 4,000 US dollars. At present, Bitcoin is unlikely to fall to such a low price.

According to TokenAnalyst data, the on-chain capital flow to the exchange is still relatively stable.

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BTC's on-chain flow on February 18:

#Currency security deposits USD 89.8 USD, withdrawal USD 85.6 USD

#bitstamp Deposit $ 33.4, Withdraw $ 33.3

#bitmex 33.9 USD deposit, USD 27.7 withdrawal

#bitfinex 19.2 USD deposit, USD 19.8 USD withdrawal

# Huobi 61.7 USD into the gold, USD 64.3 out

#krahen 36.5 USD, USD 49.9 USD

#okex 55.2 USD deposit, USD 34.2 withdrawal

More information: https://t.co/u90eafzR5J

-TokenAnalyst, February 19, 2020 Bitcoin's current price fluctuations will also be severely affected by the futures market. Because the operation activities in the futures market have nothing to do with the actual on-chain activities and wallet activities. However, in the future, having physical bitcoin may be an advantage, which has also become the main reason for many people to hold the currency.

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