Interchain Foundation (ICF) Post: Funded nearly 40 projects last year, and new organizational changes will start in the second quarter of this year

Recently, the Interchain Foundation (ICF) wrote a review and inventory of the projects funded by the Foundation in the past year. In addition to All in Bits as the largest recipient of funds, in fact, many entities have also played an important role during 2019. They have different roles and responsibilities in components such as technology and community.

Last year, the ICF funded nearly 40 projects including Chorus One, Regen Network, CoreStar, and Supranational and All in Bits. These projects focus on PoS, cross-chain infrastructure, or ABCI framework, or focus on mobile devices. , Browser and HSMs signatures, and more. Overall, ICF-funded projects have achieved many successes in improving Cosmos's SDK and Tendermint.

The article also mentioned that the ICF will make some organizational changes to the funding plan in the future. Since the changes will take several months to implement, the plan will not be officially launched until the second quarter of 2020.