"The Secret History of Bitcoin": Satoshi Nakamoto's secret behind leaving Bitcoin

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Author: LucyCheng

At around 4.20 pm on December 12, 2010, after Satoshi Nakamoto answered the remediation plan for the 0.3.19 client on Bitcointalk, he never appeared on the forum again. This message is no different from regular discussions, nor does he reveal the idea that he will leave in half; so everyone can not guess the real reason why Satoshi Nakamoto suddenly disappeared.

Picture taken from: December 12, 2010 Satoshi Nakamoto ’s message on Bitcointalk, which is the last moment Satoshi Nakamoto appeared in the forum

Although there has been no answer to this pending case, most people in the community assume that Satoshi Nakamoto's departure is related to the WikiLeaks incident of the year. On December 5, 2010, WikiLeaks provoked the US authorities because of the leak of the US diplomatic telegram incident, and it stopped all traditional financial donation channels such as credit cards and bank cards. In order to maintain the operation of this "public interest organization", the Bitcoin community has called for WikiLeaks to accept Bitcoin donations.

Image taken from: Satoshi Nakamoto's message on Bitcointalk forum on WikiLeaks' acceptance of Bitcoin donations on December 11, 2010

In response, Satoshi Nakamoto expressed a firm opposition on the forum at that time; perhaps in his opinion, Bitcoin is still a small test in its infancy and it needs to grow gradually; "If this kind of attention can be obtained in other cases, Just fine. Now WikiLeaks kicked the horse honeycomb, and the swarm is flying towards us. " Seven days after this post was published, Satoshi Nakamoto left the last reply and disappeared from the forum.

Image from: Satoshi Nakamoto's reply to Gavin Anderson on April 26, 2011

But later from other Bitcoin core developers, we learned that December 2010 was not the node where Satoshi Nakamoto eventually disappeared; after that he went underground and contacted only a few core developers via email. According to Gavin Andresen, April 26, 2011 was the last email he received from Satoshi Nakamoto. When he learned that Gavin was invited to speak at an event organized by the CIA's affiliate, Satoshi Nakamoto stated that he did not want his image to be mythical again. Compared to him, Gavin should talk more about Bitcoin as an open source project, which can give developers more trust. Since this email has passed, the founder has never contacted anyone as Satoshi Nakamoto; so some people think that fear of being spotted by the CIA may be the reason why Satoshi Nakamoto has since disappeared.

Image taken from: July 25, 2010 Satoshi Nakamoto's message on the Bitcointalk forum

Satoshi Nakamoto rarely disclosed his personal privacy and emotions on the mailing list and forums. It is difficult to know whether his departure is really related to the above two reasons. However, after analyzing Satoshi's messages one by one, the Hash faction found that Satoshi seemed to be busy. Since the second half of 2010, he has often complained on the forum that he doesn't have enough time; or emphasized that he has many other more important things to deal with. Of course, the other things that Satoshi Nakamoto said here are related to Bitcoin or other things can't be studied now. However, Satoshi Nakamoto's practice of leaving his public key on Bitcointalk on July 25, 2010 always gave people a feeling that he had long considered leaving.

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