Amazon: Further, its management blockchain will be fully utilized

According to Cointelegraph's May 1 report, Amazon's cloud computing platform subsidiary, Amazon Web Services (AWS), has just issued a statement that its Amazon Management Blockchain (AMB) is ready. Fully used.

Alexa-amazon-amazon-echo-925737 (Source: pexels )

According to the statement, the Amazon management blockchain will allow customers to build blockchain networks within their organizations by using the open source framework of Ethereum and Hyperledger (superbook). It's worth noting that Amazon says the Amazon management blockchain can scale to support thousands or even millions of transactions.

The statement shows that Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) will allow enterprises to develop their own networks at a lower cost and faster rate because it eliminates "providing hardware for access control, installing software, creating and managing certificates, and configuring The need for network settings. Rahul Pathak, general manager of the Amazon management blockchain, said:

The Amazon Management Blockchain is responsible for configuring nodes, setting up networks, managing certificates and security, and is also responsible for extending the network.

According to's announcement, major companies that have implemented Amazon's managed blockchain include US communications giant AT&T, Nestlé Global Food & Beverage, and Singapore Exchange.

As early as November last year, Amazon Web Services announced the Amazon management blockchain and Amazon Quantum Ledger Database (QLDB). The Amazon Quantum Book Database is a ledger database that is primarily used to provide transparent, immutable, and encrypted verifiable transaction logs that are supervised by a centralization organization.