Crypto companies actively participate in university donations to advance blockchain technology education

Encryption companies (projects) such as Ripple, IOHK,, MakerDAO (computer scientist Nikolai Mushegian), and Echolink are actively participating in university donations to promote the development of blockchain technology education. It is reported that Ripple promised to donate USD 50 million to many universities through its University Blockchain Research Program (UBRI) in 2018. IOHK announced last week that it had donated $ 500,000 worth of ADA to the University of Wyoming. has also previously donated $ 3 million to Virginia Tech. Computer scientist Nikolai Mushegian working at MakerDAO has donated 10,000 MKT to his alma mater, Carnegie Mellon University, and is currently worth more than $ 6 million ($ 4.2 million at the time of donation). The Echolink Foundation donated $ 50,000 worth of BTC to the University of California, Berkeley, to build the blockchain laboratory at Berkeley.