Quantstamp CEO: Similar to bZx attacks, the only thing that needs to be anonymous is the activity revenue

Regarding the bZx attack, Richard Ma, CEO and co-founder of Quantstamp, said that although flash loans are considered to be the root cause of bZx "attacks", there are other theoretical governance attacks, but Ma explained That said, many of these attacks may actually not use Lightning Loans. The difference is that the current competitive environment has become equal between those who have millions of dollars in assets and those who have nothing. Due to the low liquidity of the mixer and the strict enforcement of KYC on most exchanges, it is difficult to use this money to take advantage of this arbitrage opportunity. This type of bZx attack is even more meaningful because it uses other people's money (loans) to attack the project and finally returns it. It has nothing to do with the attacker. The only thing that needs to be anonymous is the gain from the activity. Ma also said that one of the main attack vectors overlooked by the project and users is the denial of service (DoS) attack, a new variant of the attack that may weaken the space that does not require permission in the future. According to him, these attacks were essentially caused by concentration of power.